Victoria Cegyte

"Creativity is the freedom to experiment"

- Victoria Cegyte (designer)

Michael Coleman

"My personal creativity is driven by creating stories that inspire others to seek out their own talents and interests. The positive energy that I can create for others through my work drives me to never give up and continue this daily cycle."
- Michael Coleman ( Film Director & Producer at SoundWorks Collection)

Francis & Laurence Minoza

"Creativity is natural and infinite. Nature creates itself."

- Francis & Laurence Minoza (artists/founders of NiceBleed )

Steve Lawes

" Creativity is one's self expression in relation to a situation, a space, an environment. 
For me creativity is driven by the human condition. My creativity is always in relation to the emotional context of a situation - the need for us all to tell a story - and pass that story on. We are all equally creative - just in different ways and wavelengths. Freedom of creative expression is as important as for us to breathe, without this freedom we are left incarcerated in the prison of reality."

- Steve Lawes (cinematographer/director of photography)

Mike Schreiber

" Creativity is being open. Being true to yourself and navigating the world on your own terms.
Creativity is not being afraid to fail and being happy with yourself even when you do.
Creativity is being yourself at four years old.
Creativity is fearlessness and seeing nothing but possibilities.
Creativity is inventing the life you want to live and living it.
With real creativity comes real freedom."

-Mike Schreiber (photographer)

Carla Duren

Photography by Mike Schreiber 

" My most creative moments are the ones I've completely surrendered control. Creativity feels like a Divine dance. You let the Divine take the lead and allow your self to be swept away by the music and the moment. At the end you're left with something magical that neither of you could have created alone."

- Carla Duren (singer/dancer/actress)


"Creativity has eyes that cannot see blank canvas, ears that don't believe in silence and hands that can't sit still. Creativity means standing alone to pull something from be inspired by the world and its contents..but forever make statements in your own words."

- Edison (Sound Artist)

Ryan Melgar

"I think the word ‘creativity’ means creating something out of anything 
that will make you feel good when you are finished doing it."

-Ryan Melgar (photographer/artist)

Chris Evans-Roberts

"Creativity allows you to take the smallest inconsequential idea,
 which deep down you know has huge potential and nurture 
it into something truly unique with the power to inspire others."

- Chris Evans-Roberts (director of Ithaca Audio )

Bradford Young

"Creativity is a turbulent array of inertia grounded between things existential and internal.
All things creative in my life derive from my ancestors. Through creativity I’m the vehicle of an aesthetic residue harnessing the reverbs and echoes of those that came before me. Without my ancestors there is no echo, no life force, no creation, no creativity. 
I am an astronaut suspended in their universal mythos.."
- Bradford Young (cinematographer/director of photography)

Won Kang

"Creativity to me is like sunshine on a rainy day, 
alternative to excess, escape from boredom, refusal to accept dogma
 and making something beautiful despite all the life's challenges."
- Won Kang (artist/designer,creator of Urban Sketcher)

Dmitri Aske

" Creativity is an internal human need to invent or make something yourself. It’s comparable to hunger or curiosity that don’t let you rest. Humanity keeps developing thanks to people’s constant desire to learn and create something new."
-Dmitri Aske (graphic artist)


"Creativity is a natural ability that humans have, which allows them to become conduits of expressing the human experience. Some people can connect to higher vibrations and emotions that we all share but are asleep to. They have the ability to connect to the more mysterious and hidden chambers of the human psyche and introduce this into our collective consciousness through their work. I dont see creativity as an individual thing that one can lay claim on with the ego. but rather the existential expression of the individual that is a mirror and light on mans path on this planet."

- Faith47 (Artist)


"Ever since i was a kid, i made illustrations of what i couldn't do. I made substitutes and changed what i could not get.That is, my creative roots. So for me, illustration is the space for me to fulfill my dream. If I have a lot of money and time, i will go to where i want to go and spend it slowly. But I can't afford it because i have a family and employees. Especially in Japan, i can't take time off so, i draw by myself, and travel to my imaginations."

Hiro Kamigaki (illustrator/co-founder of IC4Design)

StartUP Vitamins

"Creativity can't be defined. Its nature is to be limitless and imaginative."
- Gustavs Cirulis (designer at StartUp Vitamins)